iCON International Container Service at the Intermodal Europe 2017

Once again, Intermodal Europe was marked red in the iCON calendar. Preparations for the three-day event started early. With iCON staff there from the US, New Zealand and Hamburg, almost every office was represented.The logistics and container exhibition provides the perfect platform for us to strengthen existing partnerships and make new connections. Not solely a networking event, the Intermodal also offers interesting conferences and workshops. Everything on containers, transport and new developments in the sector.

intermodal 2017 exhibition

The iCON team at the Intermodal

How did I prepare?

I had high expectations for my first visit to one of the leading container and logistics exhibitions, held in beautiful Amsterdam of all places. Before the trip, I bombarded my colleagues with questions: How big is the exhibition? What does a typical day there look like? Which day is the most important one?

intermodal 2017 container

The entrance to the Intermodal

What was my experience?

To be honest, I was a little surprised by the size of the exhibition. After seven years in the shipping and container business, I had of course heard of the Intermodal Europe and I would not have thought that all the booths would be located in one single hall. “Things used to be different…” was something I overheard often.

But still, it was time to enter the fray. To prepare, I had studied the hall plan, organized my business cards and put all important client meetings in my calendar. A tightly scheduled day like this can easily be derailed by an unexpected change of plans. But dealing with these organizational challenge is our daily business as logistics experts. On the last day, things had quieted down a bit, and we were able to conduct the rest of the meetings and appointments in a more relaxed atmosphere.


Creative exhibitors

What is my conclusion?

All in all, it was a successful event, despite a full calendar. The best part was being able to finally put faces to the names in the email signatures. Plus, it wasn’t all work and we also had time for some personal conversation. A good network is – and always has been – essential in trade. This is also true for container trade, of course. And this network has to be maintained.

container icon exihibition

The crowd at the exhibition

After the exhibition is before the exhibition

Intermodal China is coming up and transport logistic 2019 in Munich is also not far. I’m curious to see how they compare to the Intermodal Europe. iCON International Container Service will definitely be there and we’re already looking forward to seeing many new and familiar faces.

This report was written by our colleague Philip Paetzold from the sales team. He started at iCON in July 2017 and is already a real part of the family.