The reason for this unusual application was, for a change, not a building site. For a whole two and a half weeks, the parking lot by the west entrance of the exhibition center was transformed into an open-air oasis. At the festival called “45Hertz” a colorful mixture of different music genres was being played. They all had the same goal: to get the masses dancing under the famous Hamburg Television Tower. Luckily, the weather was on its best behavior. And so, more than 10,000 visitors found their way into the “Schanze”.

Sunshine in Hamburg

Containers – more than just a noise barrier

To protect neighbors and the general area surrounding the festival from the noise, the city had made it a requirement to erect a noise barrier. This year, this barrier was supplied by iCON International Container Service and the many usages for the big steel boxes became obvious once more. The container’s special construction makes them quite good at absorbing sound, while at the same time providing a space to store drinks and miscellaneous materials.

Noise Barrier

iCON Container as a noise barrier

Safety first

In total, the wall consisted of sixteen 40’ and four 20’ containers. We also delivered one 20’HC office container, which was used as a command center. Weather conditions can be quite fickle in Northern Germany and even though the containers themselves are already quite heavy, they could be tipped over by heavier gusts of wind. To prevent that, they were connected using Twistlocks and Bridge-Fittings. In case of a storm, it’s recommended to use further safety measures, such as sand bags or water tanks.

Containers also make a good canvas

The sea container as a work of art

Aside from the sea containers, fire barrels and fog machines were used to create the event’s urban setting. Graffiti artists provided further visual accompaniment in accordance with the theme.

To use sea container noise barrier’s is brilliant and simple. Using the right techniques, the containers can be assembled as needed and they are much less costly than other types of noise control measures.

If you’re interested in this type of container solution, feel free to get in touch. We’re happy to make you a non-binding offer.