Container rentals

Do you need a new or used container only for a short period of time? Are you interested in formulating planned investments as cash costs?

Here at iCON, you can rent the container that fits your needs. Quickly, the question comes up: when is renting a container the right choice?

Parameters like duration, place of return, and transfer of ownership can be discussed individually. The container can be bought after the rental period ends (hire-purchase) or returned to us (hire).

Requirements for a container differ greatly depending on what it is needed for. Some of our customers use our containers for transports next to their own equipment regularly over many years.

This can be a good option for several reasons. Sometimes, you can’t really foresee or plan for how long you will need the container.

Or it becomes necessary to use limited liquid assets elsewhere.

The rental period is adaptable and can be adjusted to suit individual customer needs.

Extending the rental period
Should you want to rent our equipment for longer than initially expected, the rental period may be adjusted accordingly or a hire-purchase arranged.

Reducing the rental period
Sometimes it can be helpful to flexibly adjust the return date for the container and thus terminate the rental agreement prematurely, especially when the need for the equipment is unclear at the time the contract is set up.

In these cases, we can set up a rental agreement that allows for the equipment to be returned before the end of the agreed upon rental period.

Whilst taking into account and applying a so-called “Early Out Charge”, we also offer our customers to return the rented container to us on short notice before the rental period is up.

As with many other business models, the rule for container rental is: the more accurate the request for quantity and duration, the less costly it’s going to be.

Or, the other way around: if the agreement needs to be more flexible, costs will have to be adjusted accordingly.

Together, we will assess which mixture of flexibility and costs is right for you by a thoroughly analyzing the situation.

We offer a wide variety of rental containers and will we able to find the one that best fits your needs.

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