Containers have to endure quite a lot during their time of service. They are not only exposed to plenty of natural and environmental influences on their journey around the globe, but they also have to withstand the physical strain of transshipment, loading and unloading, and shifting cargo. Should the container be damaged to an extent where its functionality is impaired, there is always the possibility of repairing it.

Additionally, the container’s suitability for shipping is documented through a tag signaling CSC-acceptance. This tag is valid only for a specific period of time, but can be renewed through reassessment and additional repairs (if necessary). After the initial CSC-assessment, a newly built container has to undergo its first reassessment after 5 years.

The tag can be renewed for up to 2.5 years at a time, if the container is deemed fit.

Working closely with our depots, we can always assess our containers’ condition and availability. If repairs or reassessments of the CSC-tags become necessary, we have experts in our network who will work with us to tackle them.

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