Early years in Hamburg

Let me introduce Gordon Fullard, a long term company friend and for almost two years now the face of iCON International Container Services in “Down Under”. While Gordon is originally from Great Britain he moved to Hamburg 37 years ago. Before he came to Germany he had worked as a field surveyor and had never seen a container. In Hamburg he needed to find a job and a job listing in the “Hamburger Abendblatt” quoted that a shipping company needed someone with excellent English skills. While Gordon didn’t speak any German yet, he had just found his new position as a container controller.

Journey to New Zealand

Exchanging constant rain for sunshine

The next big step came for Gordon when he moved to New Zealand in 2000. He did so for the weather and for the people there. According to him the Kiwis are just more relaxed. And since there are so few of them it is never crowded and traffic jams rarely occur. Also he got back what he didn’t have in Germany – the English humor and the comedy shows. Germans just don’t laugh at the same things, he says. The once thing he misses in New Zealand is the Christmas spirit. With long days, sunny weather and high temperatures it isn’t the same.

Skyline of Auckland

Trading Containers down under

Australia and New Zealand is a fairly small market which is divided between some container traders only. More than in any other market personal trust and good relations are the key. You also need to keep good relations with the container depots. Visiting customers on a regular basis and talking to them about their ordered containers is vital to ongoing business. The iCON family is happy to have Gordon onboard.

New and used containers such as special containers are available in New Zealand and Australia. What we don’t have in stock, can be shipped directly to the respective ports. Contact Gordon directly, if you wish to receive and offer or have a question:

Tel.: +64 021 – 288 41 24
Mail: gordon@icon-container.nz



Gordon Fullard, Branch Manager Oceania