The time has finally come for the SC Sternschanze to get its new mini-container. The football club with a long-standing tradition does not have a lot of room in the middle of Hamburg. For much too long now, the groundskeeper’s tractor didn’t have a dry shelter. But that has just been changed.

10 dry van container

The 10′ Container is being set up

A bit of history

The SC Sternschanze came into being through the merger of SC Vineta and SC Falke on April 22nd, 1970. These predecessors of the SC Sternschanze were the first football clubs in Hamburg that allowed foreign workers to join their ranks. Team members later went on to found clubs like Örnektürkspor and African Sports. To this day, matching its neighborhood’s cultural diversity, the SC Sternschanze is a meeting point for people of all nations.

10 dry van container

The groundkeeper and the chairman with their new team member

The 10’ Dry Van Mini-Container as storage

The most widely used mini-container is the 10’ Dry Van Container. With its space-saving dimensions of 2,991 mm x 2,438 mm x 2,591 mm (length x width x height), it fits into the smallest nooks. Inside, you can put up shelving or – like the SC Sternschanze – store large machinery. The inside measures 2,840 mm x 2,350 mm x 2,390 mm (length x width x height). The container has four closing bars situated the top for easy access. The so-called lockbox can be outfitted with an additional lock to safely store valuable tools and machinery. And if there isn’t even enough room for the 10’, the smaller 8’ Dry Van Mini-Container might be an alternative.

10 dry van container

Lots of space for equipment

Mini-container delivery and set-up

For the mini-containers, delivery and set-up is fast and easy in most cases. A special crane truck with a skilled driver can place the mini-container right where it’s supposed to be. The only thing the client has to do, is get the dedicated area ready for the container’s arrival. When the path to the site is clear, set-up is usually very quick. This saves times and spares your nerves, compared to setting up a shed or arbor, and provides a save and robust shelter for gardening tools and machinery.

If you’re interested in a mini-container for your home of business, don’t hesitate to call – we’re happy to help!