20′ Office Container

20′ Office Container

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20ft accommodation container

The 20ft accommodation container is the most versatile container. While its basic configuration is simple and practical, there are countless possibilities for expansion.

Areas of use

The 20ft accommodation container is most commonly used as an office or break room at a accommodation site. Often, the most basic version is sufficient here: two windows, one door, lights. But what else could you need to be comfortable? To use the 20ft accommodation container during the colder months, you should install heating.


The basic configuration of this container includes heating, lights, outlets, two windows with blinds, and a door. But there is a lot of room for upgrade. You could, for example, install a vestibule, a sink or a little pantry kitchen. The sky’s the limit and we’re happy to help.

Floors, roof and walls can be painted in all standard colors. If you have special requirements, pretty much anything can be customized during production. Let us know what you need!


The 20ft accommodation container is usually placed onto the site using a crane. Often the truck crane will work without having to procure any additional equipment. This allows for 20ft accommodation containers to be set up almost anywhere. Then an expert can install electricity, water and sanitation. Depending of the size of the site, you can have the container up and running in mere hours. This saves you time and money compared to a conventional building.

Rent or purchase

With us, you can both rent or buy a 20ft accommodation container. If you already know you’ll need it for a longer period of time, we’d advise you to invest in your own container. You’re unsure or know you’ll need the container only for a short while? Renting is your way to go. Depending on your needs, we’ll make sure to find the method that works best for you.

Questions you could already think about:

How much space do I need?

For how long will I need this space?

What kind of equipment does the container need?

Where should the container sit?

Do I need or have a permit for setting up the container?

Buying containers is a matter of trust. Get to know us, either on the phone or in person.

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