20′ Tankcontainer Full Frame T11 UN Portable Tank x 20 x 8′ x 8’6″

Colour: RAL 5010 gentian blue CSC certified by Classification Society (GL, BV, ABS, LR, NV) with following approvals: IMDG – T11 (appraisal only) US DOT CFR 49 ( appraisal only) RID/ADR AAR 600

General Parameters:
Max. Gross Weight: 36.000 kos Nominal Capacity: 24.000 litre (± 0,75 %) Design Temperature (fame tank): -40 to + 130 °C Maximum Product Loading Temperature: 140 °C Maximum Allowable Working Pressure: 4.00 bar Hydrostatic Pressure: 6.00 bar Maximum External Pressure: 0.41 bar Tare Mass: 3650 kg (± 3%) Frame (length / width / height):6058 / 2438 / 2591mm
Tank Details:
Steam Heating 6 runs, 4 bar working pressure Insulation Shell: Rockwool (55kg/m³) / Ends: Glasswool (16kg/m³)
Tank Fittings:
Manhole 500mm low profile. Safety Relief Assembly 1-off + provision for second 2½“ Supermaxi Highflow. Air Inlet assembly DN 40 ball valve terminating with 1½“ BSP. Top Discharge Prov. DN 80 stainless steel 316 tank pad with blind flange. Bottom Discharge DN80 45° Footvale fitted terminating with a 3″ BSP spigot with cap and chain. Remote Control A 3mm plastic coated stainless steel cable is fitted to the entire length of the right hand side of the tank. Fusible LinkProvision for a fusible link is fitted to the remote control cable. Thermometer A surface mounted analogue type is fitted to the rear end. Document Holder A clear plastic document holder Ø 110mm is fitted to the rear right hand side beam.
9 High Stacking

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