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  • 20ft Tank Container
  • New or Used
  •  Measurements:
    • Outside: 6058 x 2438 x 2591 (length x breadth x height in mm)
  •  Weights:
    • Tare: 3650 kg
  • Volume:
    • 24.000 Liter
  • certified by a classification society
  • corten steel
  • Features
    • Isolated
    • Fork Lifte Pockets
    • Many more upon request
  • Price upon request

High quality due to close cooperation with the manufacturers

Offer for delivery and set up upon request

20ft tank container

The 20ft tank container is a very unique container from our portfolio. Only the tank container allows for liquids to be transported reliably. We distinguish between units for transporting chemicals or dangerous goods and those used for foodstuff.

Standard features of the container

Compared to the standard containers, the tank container offers more options regarding customizable features. To name only a few of them: insulation, in- and outlets, manholes, heating and surge plates. The list goes on and on, so it’s important for you, the customer, to know what you need to container for. Then we can tell you, which additions will be right for you! For easier transport, the container is outfitted with forklift pockets.

Measurements and weight

The 20ft tank container is made mostly from steel. The floor is steel. The 20ft tank container has a tare weight of 3650 kg and a maximum payload of 24000 kg. This adds up to a total gross weight of 36000 kg. The 20ft tank container has the same outside measurements as the 20ft ISO container: 6058 x 2438 x 2591 (length x width x height in mm) and inside: 5898 x 2350 x 2350 (length x width x height in mm). Different volumes are possible upon request.

Measurements and weight of the 20ft tank container are subject to certain ISO norms. This, as well as the close cooperation with the manufacturers, ensures consistently high quality.

Special requests regarding color or features can often be implemented during the manufacturing process. We usually have the most common models readily available.

Description of the 20ft tank container’s condition

The container is sold used, but in mint condition.

We’re happy to help you realize your project. Please feel free to get in touch.

Small deviations from the standard measurements, weights and volumes are possible.

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