Insulated- & Reefer Container

20ft Domestic Reefer Container+

20ft Domestic Reefer Container

Isolated- & Reefer Container
20ft Reefer Container+

20ft Reefer Container

Isolated- & Reefer Container
20ft High Cube Sound Insulated+

20ft High Cube Sound Insulated

Isolated- & Reefer Container
20ft Container Insulated+

20ft Container Insulated

Isolated- & Reefer Container
40ft High Cube Reefer+

40ft High Cube Reefer

Isolated- & Reefer Container
40ft High Cube Sound Insulated+

40ft High Cube Sound Insulated

Isolated- & Reefer Container
45ft High Cube Pallet Wide Reefer+

45ft High Cube Pallet Wide Reefer

Isolated- & Reefer Container

Insulated and reefer container

Our range of insulated and reefer container includes any product from our portfolio that are fitted with a cooling unit or at least insulated. This type of container works especially well for storing or transporting perishables.

Mobile refrigeration space

Especially at big events, there is a high demand for mobile refrigeration spaces. Whether it’s just needed for the day or for several weeks, a reefer container is always the right choice. The container is easily set up and plugged in and immediately provides dry, safe storage space with the correct temperature. Goods can also be stored over night or the weekend.

Should there not be an outlet available at the event location, an external diesel generator set or a so-called clip on can also provide power. A clip on generator attaches directly to the cooling unit, providing perfect flexibility.

Rent or purchase

Do you only need the container for a short time or very quickly? We always have the most common insulated or reefer containers on hand for you to rent. Did you give the container a try and liked it or need more long-term storage right away? Buy an insulated or reefer container and incorporate it into your permanent storage.

Use in conflict areas

Reefer containers are also used to ensure the save transport of relief supplies. This does not only include perishables but also temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals. The reefer container can provide a stable environment for many types of medical work. Especially in areas where extreme temperatures complicate the efforts, it can be a real lifesaver.


Like the ISO units, the reefer container is made from steel to make it more durable for sea transport. The inside is insulated with polyurethane foam.


Buying containers is a matter of trust. Should you not able to find what you’re looking for in our portfolio of insulated and reefer containers, we’re happy to talk to you about individual solutions.

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