Office- & Accommodation Container

Sanitary Container+

Sanitary Container

Office- & Accommodation Container
20′ Office Container+

20′ Office Container

Office- & Accommodation Container
20′ High Cube Office Container+

20′ High Cube Office Container

Office- & Accommodation Container

Office and Accomodation containers

What is the difference between an office container and a accomodation container? The answer is shockingly simple: the features. The containers themselves are identical. A steel box, insulated with steel wool. Two windows with blinds, a door and lights. And most of them come with pre-installed heating.

Area of use: Accomodation containers

Accomodation containers are often used when many people quickly need a place to stay. The requirements are higher than for a camp of tents or Nissen huts. The containers should be heatable and equipped with lights. In many cases there isn’t a lot of room so they need to be stackable.

In the recent past, we’ve experienced how these accomodation containers have provided a safe home for many people. And they still do. This is the advantage of these modular units. Once they are no longer needed, they can be disassembled and sold. Or they can be rented from the start.

Features to add could be single- or bunk beds, closets, tables and chairs. You can also install sanitation and kitchens. We’re happy to help with planning.

Area of use: Office containers

Unlike housing containers, office containers are mostly used at construction sites. You need an office or a break room? This is the container for you. It can also be used for planning or as a temporary store. Your colleagues and employees will quickly see that office containers offer way more than they might expect. Possible features include tables, chairs, lockers, a kitchenette and sinks.

It’s all in the mix

You see, there isn’t really a difference between office- and accomodation containers. In many cases, break rooms are needed as well as a place to sleep, whole kitchens or spacious washrooms.

We’re happy to help. Whether you need a simple standardized solution or something more elaborate. We’re here for you – in person, via email or phone!

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