Offshore Container

Offshore containers

Offshore containers are especially intricately produced units. They’re built to be used on the open seas, which comes with its own set of requirements. The walls and corner castings are especially sturdy.


The containers not only come with sturdy walls and corner castings, but also a steel floor and fork lift pockets. In addition to the corner castings, the roof of the container has so-called padeyes. These padeyes are reinforced and serve as places to attach the lifting machinery. There are steps at the front of the container.

Areas of use

This type of container is often used on oil or gas rigs or aboard expedition ships. The reinforced construction is necessary since the container is lifted onto and off the ship using so-called slings. The container is used to transport any type of supplies. This means the padeyes have to be able to hold even the filled container during loading on the high seas. Slings are included upon delivery.

Any container used aboard one of these ships on the high seas usually needs to comply with offshore container norms. The higher acquisition costs (compared to ISO containers) should be considered from the beginning.


Different needs call for different containers. That’s why we offer different variations of these units. The most commonly used ones are the 10ft offshore container and the 20ft offshore container, followed by the 20ft high cube offshore container. All of these containers are also available as reefer containers upon request.

Quality management

To ensure consistently high quality, the container and the most important parts or pieces of equipment are certified. The requirements were established by the classification society Det Norske Veritas and can be found under DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079-1.


Buying containers is a matter of trust. Should you not able to find what you’re looking for in our portfolio of offshore containers, we’re happy to talk to you about individual solutions.

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