Special Construction Container

Exhibition Container+

Exhibition Container

Special Construction Container
Workshop Container+

Workshop Container

Special Construction Container
Switchgear Container+

Switchgear Container

Special Construction Container

Special construction container

Special construction containers are units that we have been built especially for you. We have already executed many different models and are happy to consult with you regarding the different possibilities. In the following, we’d like to present an assortment of crowd favorites when it comes to special construction containers.

Exhibition container

Even now, in times of industry 3.0 and digitalization, trade fairs managed to stay relevant. They are places where you can learn about innovations and network. If you’re planning to present your company or product at a trade fair, you might want to think about an exhibition container. The benefits are obvious. Instead of lugging around an assortment of boxes, you can fill the container up with everything you’ll need. Save time setting up. Attract attention. When you have your own container on the exhibition grounds, you’re sure to be the center of attraction. We’re happy to help you realize your dreams!

Workshop container

When working on something, it’s important to have the right tools on hand. So why not bring your workshop with you? It is possible with this special construction container. Order a workshop container tailored to your needs and stay flexible.

33’ Switch Gear Container

Switchgear containers are containers for switchboards and control cabinets. Switchgear container often come as double bottom containers and can be built in almost any size. Even ISO container can be turned into switchgear or double bottom containers. On request, we also deliver and install switchboards, control cabinets, generators and electrical equipment like lights, outlets and fuse boxes in your container. The container can be tailored to your exact needs. Final assembly and licensing we of course do personally. Profit from our long-term experience.


Buying a container is a matter of trust. Should you not able to find what you’re looking for in our portfolio of special construction containers, we’re happy to talk to you about individual solutions.


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