A container shows its versatility

We’ve known for a long time that the standard sea container has more than one use. For example, in the industrial sector, containers are used in construction, while the building industry implements them as noise barriers. The path of the container to the playground was a little more rocky and the idea – like so many good ones –  was born from necessity.

container kukuk box

Container playground in Sweden

Making a virtue of necessity

Creative playground developers KuKuk Box from Stuttgart were asked to build a playground in a conflict zone in Nepal. The materials for the project were delivered in a container. But to return the container would have blown the budget and so it was simply integrated into the playground. The result was so convincing, KuKuk Box has since advanced and perfected the idea. Today, KuKuk Box builds mobile playgrounds all over the globe with sea containers from iCON International Container Services. The concept enjoys great popularity and the order book is full. You can find these container playgrounds in many German cities, including Hamburg, and all across Europe.

container kukuk box

Container with slide at a refugee shelter in Frankfurt, Germany

Everything from one source

It starts with the staff of KuKuk Box. Ideas are collected and new designs drawn up. The aspect of safety is considered from the very beginning of the process. In Germany, all playgrounds – whether built from containers or conventionally – have to comply with high safety standards. They are all subject to the playground norm DIN EN 1176.

In the company’s own workshop, new concepts and materials are tested. Only materials of very high quality are used, including hard robinia wood, stainless steel links, colored acrylic glass, and rope with a stainless steel core. All materials must comply with the highest standards. Finally, the transport and the construction have to be managed and monitored. As KuKuk Box is an owner-run company, there is always someone you can talk to directly, to answer even the more complex questions.

kukuk box container

Container playground at a refugee shelter in Wolfsburg, Germany

Leverage synergies

With the wide range and the constant availability of standard and special containers offered by iCON, the creativity has no limits. KuKuk Box has won a reliable supplier and iCON a good customer. Bring on future projects – we’re ready.

To learn more about KuKuk Box, visit their website – http://www.kukuk-box.com/

Kukuk Box Container

At the Tropical Island resort in Krausnick, near Berlin