Container KULT meets culture - The Hanseatic Culture Festival Lübeck


Probably the most beautiful festival in the UNESCO World Heritage Site

This year, the Hanseatic Culture Festival took place from 6 to 9 June 2024. This great festival is repeated every two years and offers Lübeck's residents and visitors a unique opportunity to discover the city's life, beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site and culture in a special way.

Community commitment for an extraordinary festival

What makes the Hanse Culture Festival so special is the collaborative organisation by the entire city community. Residents, clubs, cultural organisations, catering businesses and retailers work hand in hand to create an unforgettable experience for all guests. This year, the neighbourhood in and around the Gründungsviertel on the Old Town Island was the central venue for the festival. This neighbourhood, which was rebuilt on the foundations of the oldest merchants' quarter in Lübeck's Old Town, provided an ideal backdrop for the diverse events and activities.

Just in time for the festival, local residents spruced up the neighbourhood with great attention to detail and implemented numerous creative ideas and activities. The dedication and commitment of the entire community was reflected in the lively and welcoming atmosphere that made the festival an unforgettable experience.

Challenges and creative solutions

One of the biggest challenges for the organisers was the integration of an eye-catching American truck with a trailer on which a 20-foot side-door container was to be positioned. This container served as a stage for various music bands and had to be not too long, not too wide and not too high in order to do justice to the limited space available.

The delivery of the truck and container was scheduled for the evening, a time when most haulage companies are already enjoying their well-earned evening off. However, thanks to the road closures in the centre of Lübeck, safe access to "An der Untertrave" was guaranteed. Despite the logistical challenges, the container was delivered and set up smoothly and on time so that the musical performances could take place as planned.


The Hanse Culture Festival 2024 was an impressive example of community involvement and creative solutions. The unique combination of historical backdrop, cultural programme and the lively participation of the city community made the festival an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. We are already looking forward to the next edition in two years' time.


We at iCON are looking forward to June 2026 with great anticipation and are eager to see whether we can once again inspire with our container solutions at the Hanse Kultur-Festival and realise the creative visions of the organisers. Until then, it will be exciting to see which neighbourhood will be chosen as the host of hearts at the next Hanse Kultur-Festival in June 2026.

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