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iCON International Container Service GmbH (iCON ICS) was founded as an international trading company in Hamburg in 1999, when the two founders, Achim Bunke and Zhen Ghong, realized early the unbridled need for containers in the transport sector. While the change from conventional ships to semi- and full container carriers was mostly completed, the global need for standardized sea containers had not been met by a long shot.

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Broad expertise in the global transport business with containers

Aside from the heightened demand for seaworthy standard containers to transport general trade goods protected from wind and weather, the shipping of goods with special loading requirements became more and more important. Loading large machinery, heavy drums with steal, or even bulk goods is not always possible with a standard sea container. Due to the extensive knowledge of the transport- and transshipment economy and the requirements of different goods, the development and construction of special containers became the next important area of business.

Countless individual solutions for the transport of sensible good have been developed in close cooperation with the producers of such goods and the transport economy over the years. The challenges and incentives are the same today as they were back then: to develop and implement outstanding technical solutions at favorable economic conditions. In a highly standardized environment like the transport sector, it is essential to find creative solutions while respecting the guidelines given – at a low cost. The shipping of goods outside the standards automatically creates a massive increase of costs.

Thanks to years of experience and a close relationship with the newest development in logistics, we are able to develop economic solutions from a holistic perspective. We don’t only look at single elements of the transport chain, but rather at the process as a whole and try to find economical solutions for the entire chain.

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Our range of services

Our portfolio includes for the most part containers that are built according to ISO standards for sea containers – no matter their later application.

There are containers solely used for transport, storage containers (with special equipment like isolation or cooling units), specific loading equipment like the Open Top Containers, like Side Door, Double Side Door, and Double Door variations. One of our core competences is the constant availability of a wide range of high quality standard and special containers. All containers of this design have the crucial advantage of being modally independent when transported.If a transport calls for the use of different carriers – like trucks, trains, and ships – the use of a container that can be used across all types of vehicles offers crucial advantages when shipping delicate and expensive goods because there is no loading and unloading along the way, which could lead to damages. Using normed containers often offers excellent solutions to ensure the goods are transported safely and securely.

Next to the trade with and the development of containers, we offer a wide range of services around our core business. This includes renting, leasing, and managing containers, as well as their transport, storage, and repair.

Our customers include container traders, transport companies, storage unit owners, as well as industrial and craft enterprises, that appreciate our wide range of products and our competent advice.

Additionally, iCON International offers the possibility of investing in Transport Equipment. This form of investment is a recognized and lucrative alternative to conventional financial investments. If you would like to learn more about this, just visit our website at our talk to us about an individual advice session – contact details can be found on the website.

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Our production

We do not compromise when developing our products and attach great value to only work with the best materials and high-quality professional craftsmanship. With only a few exceptions, our new containers are built using “Corton Steel”.

his steel alloy stays especially resistant for many years, even under extreme conditions at sea. Additionally, a robust varnish system developed and produced in Europe protects the container over its whole life span.

Our sea containers travel around the globe again and again, all while reliably protecting their valuable cargo. During our whole production process, continuous tests carried out by an independent quality inspector ensure the high quality of our products.

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Our values

Hamburg, the city where our company was founded and where we have our head office, has become part of our mindset. We are highly committed to the values of Hanseatic merchants like integrity, honesty, and reliability. We give our word and stay true to it. We are an international and open-minded company.

The members of our team are highly dedicated and qualified people from all over the world. Our passion for our products and the commitment to our customers unite us. We’re a team that constantly takes risks and creates new opportunities. We’re there for our customers and for each other.

The relationships we have with clients and partners are built on trust – and they’re built to last. We understand that only those who are always willing to give it their best to increase added value and lower costs can be successful in the long run. Our products and services enhance our clients’ competitive standing and are a guarantee for our success – and have been for the past 15 years.

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