Container transport

We already take care of the container transport from the Far East to Europe - then we will also be happy to take care of the container transport to your doorstep. We are not only wholesalers, but also specialists in logistics. For over twenty years, iCON Services has been trading in containers and dealing with all the corresponding business areas.

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Important questions around the transport

Explain your requirements to us and we will find a solution together. Think about the following questions in advance.

  • Where should the container be delivered?
  • Can I unload it myself on site or does the truck have to be equipped with a crane?
  • When should the container be delivered?
  • Can the container also be delivered by rail or ship?

Careful planning and coordination saves you time, nerves and above all: your money.

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Transport solutions

The classic and simplest way of transporting containers is by truck from door to door. You unload on site yourself - with a crane or forklift truck, or an on-board crane on the truck. Depending on the container size, this is possible without any problems in many cases. If the container can be dropped off next to the truck, a truck with an on-board crane is a good choice. In more distant or poorly accessible situations, a mobile crane can be a remedy.

A lean variant to organise container transport is the logistics chain from China directly to your yard. If you know what you need early on, we can conveniently schedule capacities and reserve them for you. Multimodal transport means that there are hardly any limits to what you can do - by road, rail or water.

If you have your own stock in a depot, we will also deliver directly to your stock. We often already have containers in the hinterland - i.e. in towns south of Hamburg. We will be happy to add you to our distribution lists.

Thanks to our long-standing contacts with leading logistics service providers, we can deliver your container to anywhere in the world - on time, reliably and worry-free.

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