Rent accommodation containers

From accommodation facilities to tiny houses

Module containers are often used when housing for a great number of people is needed in a short amount of time. The impromptu building needs to have heating and lights. In many cases there is not much room, so the containers need to be stackable.

Many cases in recent history have made clear that facilities made from module containers can offer quick and save shelter for many people. This is the great advantage of these modular units. When you do not need them anymore, you can disassemble and sell them. Or you decide to rent from the get go.

Module containers can be equipped with bunk- or single beds, cupboards, tables and chairs. We can also fit in bathrooms and kitchens. We are happy to help you plan your project.

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The accommodation container can be set up using a standard crane. Often the trucks own crane will suffice. Since they often do not need an additional base or foundation, module containers can be set up nearly anywhere. For complex accommodation container projects, mobile cranes are used for the assembly and installation of the facility. Compared to an actual building, an accommodation container can help you save a lot of time and money.

Rent module containers

Regardless of where you want to use the module container, what your budget is or what your plans are – buying a container is a matter of trust. Let us know what you need and we’ll help you come up with a concept.

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Tiny container house

Our customers renting living containers mostly in connection with a desire for independence and freedom. Tiny Houses and Tiny Living are just a few of the trendy words that many of our clients are exploring.

If you are interested in sustainable tiny houses, talk to our friends at SISU Container. Their company builds individual housing solutions based on new and used shipping containers. We think it is a fantastic idea and are happy to be a part of this project. GO SISU!

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