Container purchase

Have you bought a container from us or other traders and no longer need it? Save yourself the hassle of selling it on eBay or other platforms and send us your container offer. For us it does not matter if it is almost new or a rusty box from the 90s - we well find a new home for every can.

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Quick purchase offer through detailed pictures

For the quick creation of an offer, we only need a few detailed pictures, which should indicate the current condition of the container. The container(s) should be photographed from all sides as well as from the inside. Do not forget the CSC plate (see picture), as this can often provide important information about the age and origin of the container. The more detailed the pictures, the quicker you will receive our container purchase offer.

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Nationwide pick-up by iCON Container

For us it does not matter where your contaienr is located at. Thanks to our wordlwide depot network and excellent contacts with hauliers, we can collect your containers from anywhere. All we need to calculate the transport costs is the postcode of the pick-up location. Again, the more information we have about the container's location, the faster we can provide you with a purchase offer.

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