One-way leasing

One-way leasing is the classic application for containers on predefined cargo voyages. Shipping companies or forwarders often use it in cooperation between them and the owners of container fleets as it creates an ideal win-win situation for both sides. In this scenario, the shipping company or forwarder uses third-party containers to transport its customers' goods.

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Win-win situation

For shipping companies, using their own equipment often results in the need for so-called "empty container disposition". This refers to the redistribution of empty containers to a place where they can be reloaded with cargo at the end of their journey, as this is not always the same place as where the client’s cargo is delivered.

With one-way leasing, the lessee returns the containers to the place where they were unloaded during the cargo transaction. This eliminates the need for empty disposition and the associated costs for the shipping company or forwarder. It also offers the container owner an attractive opportunity to reposition their containers to another location. This interaction often takes place on routes where there are no paired cargo flows.

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Your benefits at a glance

We have excellent and long-standing partnerships with leading shipping companies in the container liner service, as well as with forwarders operating internationally.

  • For you as a shipping company or forwarder, we offer both our new and used containers to be used on international routes and returned in the country of destination.
  • For you as the container owner needing to reposition your fleet, we will take care of your containers for you.

We handle the entire organization of moving the containers and their cargo from one place to the other. You transfer the title for the equipment to us and we return the empty containers to you in the agreed upon time and quality at their destination. In the meantime, you do not need to worry about anything - we will ensure the safety of your equipment and reliably deliver it to the designated destination.

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