Standard containers in all variations for sale

With us you can purchase standard containers in all sizes, designs and colours. Buying a container is a good idea if the requirements for the container are clear and you use it regularly on a permanent basis. Are you still unsure which type of container you need? If so, you should take a look at our container-finder.

Our container-finder

What is a standard container?

In the transport- and logistics sector, the shipping container is the most commonly used container type. It allows for quick loading, efficient transport, convenient warehousing, storage of various goods, and much more. That makes shipping containers one of the most efficient and practical options when it comes to transporting and storing many different goods. So-called ISO norms regulate the fabrication of these containers. They determine measurements, weight, and stackability so the shipping container may easily be used anywhere in the world.

Measurements and weight of the most common shipping containers

Our most often used standard shipping containers are the 20ft and the 40ft container. At 6,096 mm length, 2,438 mm width and 2,591 mm height, the 20ft container is our most popular container model. Followed closely by the 20ft high cube container with a height of 2,900 mm. Both of these models are also available as longer versions – the 40ft container. Our standard containers are built to be stacked at least six tiers high, though many of them may be stacked nine high times.

Our container-finder

The built of an ISO container

Our standard as well as our special containers are made from corten steel, which is extremely weatherproof. The base structure is built by first welding together steel parts and then casting the corners. Afterwards, the cross members are added. They are the basis for finally mounting the container floor, which is made from plywood that is both sturdy and flexible. ISO containers are randomly examined by the classification society to ensure consistent high quality.

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Standard container colors and special requirements

We usually have the following colors in stock.

  • RAL 5010 - gentian blue
  • RAL 7042 - traffic grey
  • RAL 9010 - pure white

Of course, it is also possible to paint the ISO containers in other colors. The varnishes for ISO and transport containers conform to the latest guidelines. Other special requests like less locking rods, other handles are no problem. The possibilities are almost endless. If you want to learn more about standard containers, special containers or used containers, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

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