Rent office containers

Our office containers are often used for building refurbishments or as a temporary solution. From the simple design with two windows, a door and light, there are almost no limits to the interior design. From simple to elegant, everything is possible. In addition to individual containers, we can also supply entire units for larger teams as office containers. Renting keeps you flexible and you get a fast, stable and profitable solution.

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In addition to the initial equipment, which includes a heater, light, sockets, two windows with shutters and the door, there is plenty of room for additional upgrades. For example, a vestibule or an air-conditioning unit can be installed. You can also rent the matching furniture, such as tables, chairs, lockers and wardrobes. It is also possible to rent an office container with a separate sanitary area - for example with a shower and toilets. There are almost no limits to your imagination.

We offer the floor, ceiling and outer walls in standard colours. If you have special wishes, almost anything can be considered at the factory. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


The office container can be set up using a standard crane. Often the trucks own crane will suffice. Since they do not need an additional base or foundation, accommodation containers can be set up nearly anywhere. The installation of electricity, water and sewage must be done by a professional. When you rent construction containers, you save time and money compared to a conventional building and gain a high degree of flexibility.

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