Container rental

  • Do you need short-term storage or warehousing capacity?
  • Are your goods sensitive to heat or cold?
  • Do you need additional office space or a break room?
  • Do you need additional sanitary facilities?

We offer tailor-made solutions - from short-term rental to long-term use. Thanks to our wide range of different container types, we are able to offer a variety of solutions that will meet your exact requirements.

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Sea containers as mobile storage spaces

We rent out robust sea containers as mobile storage spaces. From our wide selection, we can offer a variety of different containers for the storage of various goods. You may select anything from a 10-foot mini container to a 45-foot high-cube pallet-wide container. For the storage of longer items, such as pipes, beams, girders or entire plants, we offer special side-door containers in 6-meter and 12-meter lengths, which allow you to store and retrieve your goods through side doors. This way, bulky items can easily get inside the container.

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Storage of temperature-sensitive goods in a refrigerated container

For the storage of temperature-sensitive goods, our refrigerated containers offer safe storage within a range of +25° C to -25° C. Special solutions are available for goods with temperature requirements outside this range. Our containers are thoroughly inspected and cleaned before being made available, guaranteeing safe storage. Refrigerated containers can be connected to power mains and supplied with energy via a 5-pin power connection.

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Room and office containers

For the accommodation of people we offer practical and fully equipped room containers. These can be used individually or combined, and are suitable, for example, for site management, as a break room or for other purposes of stay. The mobile room solutions have a 5-pin external connection and are equipped with lights, sockets, ceiling lighting and heating as required. If additional furniture such as desks, tables, chairs or lockers are required, we can also provide further equipment.

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Sanitary containers

As a supplement to our mobile room solutions, or as additional sanitary facilities, we also offer sanitary containers with sinks and showers. In case there is no connection to a fresh water or waste water system at the place of installation, fresh water and waste water tanks can be provided additionally, to ensure self-sufficient operation.

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