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Containers around the globe

iCON International Container Service is globally present for you at 4 locations. Being connected to a global network of container depots enables us to offer our products and services virtually anywhere. No matter where a container is needed, we deliver the agreed upon quantity in the agreed upon quality to the agreed upon place at the agreed upon time!

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Location Germany

From our Hamburg headquarter we manage the activities for Europe, America (especially the USA), Near and Middle East as well as Africa.


Location USA

We currently manage the North American market from the Hamburg headquarter.


Location New Zealand

Our office in New Zealand is in charge of our business with the Oceania region and Australia.


Location China

Our office in China is mainly responsible for all production matters. Here we are able to develop very individual and high-quality solutions.

Central locations for the world's most important economic regions

With branches in Hamburg (Germany), Shanghai (China), Christchurch (New Zealand) and Miami (USA) we actively market our products in the most important economic regions around the globe. Being close to our clients is very important to us and we make sure to stay in contact on a regular basis.

The technical development of standards for production is mostly advanced in our purchasing- and sales department in Shanghai (China). By maintaining a close and trustful working relationship with the factories over many years, we are able to develop individual and high-quality solutions. The production process is very closely monitored to ensure the constant high quality of our products.

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