Container modification

We offer our customers an extensive selection from our range of standardized special containers. Sometimes, however, the requirements for a container go beyond the range of options that already exist. Depending on the intended use and application, additional features such as supplementary doors, openings for cables or lighting may be required. From simple additions to the implementation of complex equipment, we offer a comprehensive range of special solutions tailored to your specific needs. Within the scope of these adaptations, we distinguish between container conversion and container special construction.

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Conversion container vs. container conversion

If you only need us to make adjustments to an existing container, we refer to this as container conversion. Whether the base is a standard container such as a 20' dry van container, or a container from our range of special containers (e.g. 20' side door container), the conversion refers to an existing base model with additions of low to medium complexity.

These additions may include any of the following:

  • installation of a pedestrian door
  • installation of windows
  • electrical installations such as lights or sockets
  • installation of shelves
  • additional fastening points such as lashing eyes
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Technical approval for container conversion

Please keep in mind, that modifications to a container, whether to an existing container that has already been approved for transport or to a special container, may require another technical inspection. This is especially important if the container will still be used for international transport. If a modified container is to remain stationary this step is not necessary. Of course the container must still be safe to use from a technical point of view.

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