Rent storage containers

Here at iCON, you can rent storage container. The question is: in which cases is renting a storage container the right choice? The framework conditions like duration, place for return and passing of ownership can be discussed individually. It is also an option to buy the container at the end of the rental period (rent-to-own) or return the container to us (standard rent).

The requirements for storage containers are different and can also change. Some customers also use our rental containers for transport over a period of years - this is where container leasing can be interesting.

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Term extension

If during the rental period, it becomes clear that you will need the container for longer, the timeframe can be adapted or a rent-to-own option discussed.

Term reduction

When it is unclear or uncertain for how long exactly you will need to rent storage equipment, it can be helpful to be able to flexibly end or shorten the rental period. In these cases it is possible to set up terms allowing you to return the containers before the end of the rental period.


Whilst taking into account and enforcing a so-called “Early Out Charge”, we do offer our clients to return rented container on short notice, terminating the rental period early.

Combining your own with rented equipment

This may be smart for a number of reasons. Sometimes the need for storage cannot be planned ahead over a longer time period. Sometimes it is necessary to use limited liquid assets elsewhere. The rental periods are flexible and can be adapted as needed.

If it turns out during the rental period that the need for the rented containers is of a longer duration, then the rental period can be adjusted or a purchase can be agreed.

The right rental model for you

When renting a storage container, the following applies: the more precisely the demand can be planned in terms of quantity and time, the more favourable the conditions can be. Or the other way round: the risks arising from major imponderables and the wish for the greatest possible flexibility will also be reflected in the contract conditions.

In a detailed analysis, we will find out together which mix of flexibility and costs is right for you.

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