Container house – the dream of owning a home


There is no topic as current and omnipresent as living situations. Where and how do I live – and can I actually afford it? Especially in times of limited housing space we ask ourselves if there are more sustainable living concepts. While the term “Tiny House” is already fairly well known, the idea of the “Container house” is a bit more specific.

Living in a container

iCON International Container Services has a long-standing history in the container business. When it comes to containers, we know what we’re talking about. Still, we are always surprised by the many possible ways these steel boxes can be put to use. The concept of a container house is not new, but these days it is more relevant than ever before. A room concept that is easily adaptable to the residents’ wishes – it can grow or shrink as needed. When personal or professional changes make it necessary to move, the house can be taken along. We have already supervised and realized several projects involving housing containers, so what is different about the container houses from SISU Containers? The interior of a container house is usually very similar to that of an office container. Grey, bulky – but practical.

Moritz Barre and Finn Jessen

Moritz Barre and Finn Jessen

Visionaries from the Wendland

To discover new territories, we met with two young entrepreneurs. Finn and Moritz founded their company SISU Containers in 2016 to work on new housing concepts in their workshop in the Wendland in Lower Saxony. We get there on a Friday morning and are warmly welcomed. The two guys are in the midst of planning a large project but still make time to talk to us. We talk about the questions and problems we both face and realized, we can learn a lot from each other.

The prototype with a terrace

The prototype with a terrace

The idea of the container house

At the heart of our meeting though, was still the prototype Moritz and Finn developed. Behind the main house, with a prime view into nature, stands their first remodeled container. Even though its interior is still pretty basic, we can imagine what it would be like to live and work here. Its large glass front, through which you can see sheep grazing in the fields, lets us dream. And this is only the beginning, as more containers can be connected to this first one in accordance with the changing needs of its inhabitants. Its flexibility is its advantage.

Flexible and cozy at the same time

Flexible and cozy at the same time

Buying a home is a matter of trust

The two entrepreneurs want to offer their customers standardized solutions, as well as the option to personalize their product. They want to take time to understand their needs – just as they did with us.

We’re looking forward to an exciting and enriching collaboration and hope to be able to offer advice and know-how along the way.

If you’re interested in their product, feel free to get in touch with Finn Jessen and Moritz Barre directly via their website (German only)

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