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Container walls as noise protection or room separation


Hamburg is an “event-loving” city and home to many outdoor events – especially during the summer months. To be able to plan these events, regardless of whether they are festivals, parties, trade fairs or seminars, containers are often needed for various purposes. In the following we would like to tell you about some ways our containers are used for events.

Container wall as noise protection

In order to put on a festival in an open area, the area must be marked out and fenced in advance. However, if the whole thing is going to take place in the middle of a big city, there are even more details that need to be taken into account. Not only the risk of unauthorized visitors plays a role in this context, but also the possible noise pollution.

Sea containers are very useful for this purpose, because they offer a visually attractive alternative to a fence and at the same time reduce the noise level transmitted to the outside.

iCON containers serve as a noise barrier at a festival site

iCON containers serve as a noise barrier at a festival site

In this case, the organizer made the containers available to festival-goers for art projects. This added value to the event, as local graffiti artists were able to pursue their passion, and their art in turn became an eye-catcher for all other visitors.

iCON containers serve as demarcation at a techno festival

iCON containers serve as demarcation at a techno festival

Containers serve as room separation

The tighter the space of an event becomes, the more room separation measures have to be considered. Especially in large halls, room separation components are often needed to separate areas acoustically as well as visually.

Room separation element at a Hamburg trade fair

Room separation element at a Hamburg trade fair

Our red 20' Dry Van containers served as a room-partitioning element between two areas of the same hall at a renowned marketing trade fair in Hamburg. This way, the organizers were able to set up another stage on the opposite side where additional talks could be held. At the same time, the containers acted as advertising space for the main sponsors of the event and completed the artists’ stage set.

Which types of containers are suitable as spatial separation elements?

To spatially separate venues, 20' Dry Van Containers or even 40' Dry Van Containers are best suited. 20' Dry Van Containers are easy to handle with the appropriate handling gear. With 40' Dry Van Containers, a little more skill is required. However, since they are twice as long, only half as many are needed. To add height, 20' High Cube and also 40' High Cube containers can be used as an alternative. 20' High Cube Side Door containers are an interesting addition in this set up, as they can serve as lounge containers in the bottom layer.

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