Storage container as tack room for horses


We are usually asked to deliver storage containers for construction sites, shipping companies and the industry. For our latest project, a horse farm asked us if we could supply a tack room on a container basis. Sure, we can do that too. The container is to have two chambers, each accessible via a man door. It should also be equipped with light, electricity and shelves. Finally, the container is to be repainted in RAL1015 – light ivory – so that it fits seamlessly into the scenery of the yard. No sooner said than done and here is the result:


The interior of the container has room for feed, blankets and bridles. Due to the weather-resistant construction of the storage container, everything lies safe and dry. The man doors are made of steel and are lockable. Lighting in the interior is provided in each chamber by a light strip. In addition to the structural modifications, we can also supply heavy-duty shelving. Afterwards, the customer only has to take care of putting the materials into the container.

Setting up the container

It is also the customer's task to prepare the place where the container is to be set up. This requires a foundation for the four container corners. However, it depends on the subsoil how elaborately the installation has to be prepared. In some cases, simple concrete slabs are enough. If the ground is already asphalted, for example, no further preparation may be necessary. If in doubt, talk to your local expert about how to best prepare the ground. When you are ready, we will be happy to bring the container to you and, if necessary, send a crane truck to unload it. Feel free to contact us and we will advise you!

Customized container conversion

If you also have a need for a container that has been specially converted for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Many different combinations are possible and there are (almost) no limits to your imagination. First of all, we can paint the container in the color of your choice. In principle, all RAL shades are possible, although special shades are not always available. Our containers are standardly built in RAL5010 – gentian blue, RAL7035 – light gray, RAL9010 – pure white. However, we always have other colors in stock. Just ask or check our live inventory. Additionally, we can install doors as needed, make cutouts, and install power and lighting, as well as many other modifications. Feel free to contact us – we’re happy to help!

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