elbgold needed storage space fast


What to do when additional storage space is suddenly needed? This was the question the "elbgold" company (founded in Hamburg in 2004) was faced with. The Hamburg roasting company now operates five cafés of its own, serving its directly traded specialty coffees. At the location in the heart of Hamburg's Schanzenviertel district, customers can watch the roasting process directly and be enchanted by the aroma of the freshly roasted coffee. The additional space requirement was solved in the first step by converting restaurant space into storage space, when café operations were still subject to severe restrictions due to Corona regulations. After the resumption of the gastronomic café operation, space was tight once again in the Schanzenhöfe. The solution was to store the goods in well-ventilated storage containers from iCON International Container Service. The containers are now located directly on the company premises. Whenever goods are needed, the roastery staff can access them quickly.

Storage containers can be positioned directly at the roasting plant

Storage containers can be positioned directly at the roasting plant

Advantages of storage containers

Additional storage capacity can be offered quickly, cost-effectively and as needed with the help of sea containers. Especially in cases where the need for storage space arises unexpectedly or the duration of the need is temporary, renting sea containers for storage purposes is an ideal solution. The duration of additional need for storage space is not always foreseeable from the beginning. Containers can be used as a short-, medium- and long-term solution, depending on your needs. The terms can be arranged flexibly. When the need ceases, rentals can be terminated with short notice.

Safe storage in the container

The goods can be safely stored in the container. The container forms a wind- and waterproof shell with sufficient air exchange through ventilation openings. Various security systems, from simple padlocks to lock-boxes, guarantee a high level of protection against unauthorized access.

Container with ventilation flaps for air exchange

Container with ventilation flaps for air exchange

Easy loading and unloading of the storage container via the ramp

Easy loading and unloading of the storage container via the ramp

The container is delivered directly to you

iCON Container will gladly take care of the delivery and the pick-up of the storage containers, if there are no vehicles available for the container transport. The storage container can be placed exactly where it is needed with the help of a truck and a loading crane. Should it be necessary to reposition the containers in the meantime, the location of the containers can also be adjusted within the rental period. In case of increased or decreased demand for storage capacity, the quantity of storage containers can be adjusted upwards or downwards at any time.

Different types of storage containers

For the storage of products, the use of different storage containers can be useful. Starting from the 8' container with a volume of just under 10 cbm up to the 45'HCPW container, which has a capacity of just under 90 cbm, there is a wide range of size variants.

Setting up storage containers

A permit is not required for setting up containers on company-owned land. When putting it in public areas, it is usually necessary to obtain a permit from local authorities.

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