iCON sponsorship enables Judo Union workshop


In early November, iCON International Container Service supported the Hamburg Judo Union with their opening workshop at the new training center in Hamburg Dulsberg. This new judo and handball training facility is at Eulenkamp, close to Hamburgs Olympic training center.

Celebrity support

Mit unserer Spende durften wir zum einen dazu beitragen, dass der Lehrgang für die Teilnehmer kostenlos blieb und zum anderen konnte der Verband dadurch keinen geringeren als den U-18-Bundestrainer des Judo-Bundes Bruno Tsafack als Referenten gewinnen.

With our donation, we were happy to help keep the event free of charge for its participants and win none other than Bruno Tsafack (the Judo Unions national under-18 coach) as a speaker for the day.

Countrywide attention

Around 150 judo enthusiasts (most of them kids or teenagers) gathered for the three day event. Apart from the many athletes from local sports clubs attending the workshop, a lot of participants also hailed from other German states like Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin, and Lower Saxony.

Containers and Judo

fter the event, Florian Hahn, the director of the Hamburg Judo Union, thanked iCON International Container Service for their “great support”.

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