iCON storage container for the HSV


The green keepers of Hamburger Sport Verein (HSV) are upping their game with a storage container from iCON International Service GmbH. As part of the merger of talent development and the professional division of the HSV, additional sports- and training grounds have been built near the stadium at Volkspark. For their care and maintenance, additional equipment is needed, which is now stored dry and safely in the 40′ sea-container.

New tasks for the HSV green keepers

The decision makers of the HSV have decided to move the training of young talents to the same area as that of the professional athletes. Soon, the HSV’s professional athletes and its future stars will both be trained near the gates of the stadium at Volkspark. The club’s talent development is lead by the HSV Academy, which until now, was mainly situated in Norderstedt. With the expansion of the facilities around the stadium, the workload of the team of green keepers will heighten significantly. Their job is it to ensure the perfect “green” in and around the stadium.

Next to the now 4 training fields and the one inside the stadium, the team of 5 green keepers looks after an area of 4.2 ha, that has to regularly be mowed, rolled, aired, fertilized, watered, and kept free of unwanted vegetation.

A storage container for the equipment

For the expansion of the machinery and its appropriate storage, a storage container was ordered from the seasoned container trader iCON International Service GmbH in May 2016. The container was built near Hamburg’s twin city Shanghai. It’s made from robust, rust-proof Corton Steel und offers plenty of space with its 25 sqm floor area, a standing headroom of 2.39 m and a total capacity of 60 m³. Comfortable handling when opening and closing the doors is ensured by the so-called “Raised Handles”, that are located at a convenient height. The Lockbox, affixed outside the doors allows for the secure attachment of a padlock to protect the container contents. To get to its new “home”, the container had to first travel over 12.000 km by sea from Shanghai to Hamburg.

Precision placement by the “Ladekran-Jungs Hamburg”

The team of the “Ladekran- Jungs Hamburg” (owner Wolfgang Wehr, www.wwehr.de) used their calm expertise and sure instinct when placing the container precisely where intended. Before that, however, the container (more than 12 meters long and weighing in at over 4 tons) had to be rotated about 180 degrees with muscle strength alone while still hanging in the lifting harness. This done was to make sure the container’s doors were on the correct side, when it was placed on the ground.

The HSV container – dressed in green

To fit in nicely with the surrounding the training fields, the 40 foot long standard sea container got a moss-green lacquer coat. It is now the new home for lawn mowers and aerators, rollers, fertilizer, and other specialized machinery needed for the care and maintenance of the perfect grass fields. Storing the equipment close to the fields allows for short ways and efficient work. In terms of the fields’ condition, nothing stands in the way of a new successful season for the HSV in the “Bundesliga”.

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