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Most people think of a "container" as the standard freight containers that are 6 meters or 12 meters long - also known as 20' dry vans or 40' dry vans.

Mini containers, on the other hand, are often underestimated. Yet they are ideal storage solutions for small spaces. Due to their compact size, they create additional storage space comparatively "easily" and are therefore suitable for both commercial and private purposes. Especially the 10' Dry Van and the 08' Dry Van are often used on commercial construction sites - but they also make excellent sheds for the private garden.

Advantages, uses and dimensions of Mini Containers

One of the biggest advantages of mini containers is that they don't take up much space. This makes them excellent storage solutions for places where space is limited, such as city centers or construction sites. The containers can also be stacked in tight spaces and are versatile - whether as a mobile workshop or as a storage unit for goods or materials.

The dimensions of Mini Containers

10‘ Dry Van
Exterior dimensions: 2,991 mm x 2,438 mm x 2,591 (LxWxH)
Interior dimensions: 2,840 mm x 2,350 mm x 2,390 mm (LxWxH)

08’ Dry Van
Exterior dimensions: 2,438 mm x 2,200 mm x 2,260 (LxWxH)
Interior dimensions: 2,287 mm x 2,112 mm x 2,059 mm (LxWxH)

These containers are also very robust, especially when compared to storage containers made in lightweight construction. With the help of the lock-box, which is standard in each of our newly produced containers, and a lock that can be attached to the lock-box, mini containers also provide a secure storage space.

Furthermore, mini containers can be handled much more flexibly due to their size, as no special truck or crane is needed to lift or transport the units. Especially the 08' Dry Van containers can easily be loaded onto a flatbed or trailer. That has the advantage of avoiding the expense of a trucking company.

Availability of Mini Containers

Generally, we can offer our mini containers in any RAL color you may require.

We currently have 08' feet, as well as 10' feet containers available in four different colors in Hamburg. Colors available are:

  • RAL5010 - Gentian Blue
  • RAL3020 - Traffic red
  • RAL6007 - Bottle green
  • RAL7016 - Anthracite gray

Have we piqued your interest in our mini containers? Do mini containers offer a good alternative for you as a storage option? Please feel free to contact us at any time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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