Purchased a container and now what? Unloading a container.


Are you wondering how to best get your purchased container from iCON to your desired delivery location? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. iCON International Container Service GmbH not only offers more than 70 different types of containers, we also take care of the suitable transport for your newly purchased container.

The following questions should be addressed in advance:

  • Where is the delivery to be made?
  • What is the nature of the delivery location?
  • Should the container be unloaded on site?

The most common means of transport

We usually deliver our containers by rail or by truck. The combination of both is called intermodal transport, as in “to transport using different (inter) modes (modal)”. This way we can guarantee that your container can be delivered to even the smallest village without a railroad connection at the best possible rates. It is good to know that forwarders often talk about prices per chassis.

However, the following applies in the container dealer industry: As a rule, two TEUs, i.e. two 20-foot standard containers, or one FEU, i.e. one 40-foot standard or high cube container, fit on one chassis. TEU stands for twenty-foot equivalent unit and FEU for forty-foot equivalent unit. The transport of two 20 high cube is only possible on special chassis and rather the exception. However, we also cooperate with forwarding agencies that are specialized in handling 20 High Cube containers. Please contact us!

The container has been delivered and now what? How is the container unloaded?

If unloading of the container after transportation is required, there are several options we can offer. Usually unloading is carried out via side loader or crane. When using this option, it should be checked whether the desired unloading area can be driven on freely, what the ground conditions are like and whether obstacles, such as low-hanging branches, could stand in the way of unloading.

Unloading of the container via side loader

Chassis carrying a skip lift are often used in intermodal transport. The skip lift is able to grab the container and set it down right next to the transport vehicle. However, the side lift cannot move the container further than that. If the container needs to be moved onward from there, a forklift or truck-mounted crane, for example, must be used.

The unloading of the container by the crane

Forwarders can also unload using crane trucks. The difference between this and a side loader is that the crane is able to place the container where you want it and adjust it to fit exactly.

Unloading the container by mobile crane

If there are obstacles like an overhanging roof at the designated location, a mobile crane or truck-mounted crane can help. This is brought to the site additionally and is not carried by the transport vehicle, as is the case with a side lift or crane truck. The mobile crane has a larger range of motion and can therefore better adapt to the conditions at the unloading site.

Are you interested in a container including delivery? Feel free to call or send an e-mail to sales@icon-container.com. We are happy to help!

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