UNFASSBAR Art Project with 20' High Cube Double Door Double Side Door Container


The 20' High Cube Double Door Double Side Door Container

The 20' High Cube Double Door Double Side Door Container is one of the special containers from our product range. It is equipped with a standard door on the back, on the front and two doors on the long sides. It has the same dimensions as the 20' High Cube Container. For the performance, the producers outfitted the containers with glass walls. Two containers were placed side by side to create one large space. The lockable side doors allowed the production to lock the containers when no performance was taking place and otherwise provide a broad view.

A word from the producers

UNFASSBAR is a production in two parts combining elements of installation and performance art.

UNFASSBAR (German for intangible, inconceivable, inapprehensible, incomprehensible) shines a light on the fragile balance between order and chaos in complex systems and processes. The project draws its inspiration from the physical phenomenon of wind, which can set things in motion in a “magical” manner and blows with a force that can have either a constructive or destructive effect. UNFASSBAR places a performative “wind laboratory” in a public urban setting.

Its focus is on the fragile relationship between human beings and the environment. UNFASSBAR investigates the tension between the factors of chance and control in a closed system. The project opens up related spaces that provide room for reflection about nature and civilisation, and creates moments and images that sway between delicate poetry and unbridled power.

The performance and installation art space that forms the "wind laboratory" comprises an enclosed structure made of sea containers that onlookers can peer into.

The tour of the performance and the container

So far, UNFASSBAR has been shown on a total of eleven days: three days in Krefeld as part of the "MOVE! in town" format and eight days in the Rheinauhafen in Cologne. The performance has been shown eight times and two content-related talks have taken place. The audience in Krefeld and Cologne received UNFASSBAR with great attention and enthusiasm, and we look back on the long, intensive rehearsal period and a successful realization with satisfaction.

The contributors

Concept and realization: Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser
Assistance: Pia Litzenberger
Costume design: Rupert Franzen
Technical director: Lutz Dunsing
Performance: Lenah Flaig and Helena Miko

All images © 2021 Bild-Kunst, Bonn, for Roland Kaiser.

The texts "A Word from the Producers", "The Tour of the Performance and the Container" and "The Contributors" were provided by Angie Hiesl Produktion. The subheadings were added by iCON International Container Services. The text "The 20' High Cube Double Door Double Side Door Container" was provided by iCON International Container Services.

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