Modified containers

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Containers approved for international transport have standardized external dimensions. When planning and implementing special features for a container, it may be necessary to use different external dimensions. And equipping the container with technical or electronic equipment may quickly lead to a higher level of complexity. In both these cases we are talking about container special construction.

Thanks to our expertise and our close cooperation with strong partners, we are able to meet a wide range of different requirements for your container variant. From idea to implementation, we will accompany you expertly with constant transparency regarding costs and technical possibilities.

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Technical approval for special modified containers

Please keep in mind, that modifications to a container, whether to an existing container that has already been approved for transport or to a special container, may require another technical inspection. This is especially important if the container will still be used for international transport. If a modified container is to remain stationary this step is not necessary. Of course the container must still be safe to use from a technical point of view.

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