25 years of iCON International Container Service GmbH



In May 2024, we proudly celebrate our 25th anniversary of iCON, founded on May 3, 1999 by Hamburg businessman and economist Achim Bunke and his partner Zheng Gong. A quarter of a century full of challenges, reorientation, change and ever-increasing competitive pressure, but which has led to success through professionalism, passion and a vision!

Behind the success of iCON is not only the ambition of the two business partners, but also a dedicated, competent and success-oriented team that does everything to fulfill every wish of every single customer! These customized services have earned the company an excellent reputation, also internationally. The long-standing partnerships are proof of reliability and quality.

The iCON team is constantly working to reduce the company's administrative workload, simplify processes and increase overall transparency. The aim is to devote the time available to customers and not to administration! In addition to continuous system optimization, iCON GmbH was granted AEO certification and a simplified customs procedure in 2023, for example. This procedure helps to make import containers available to customers within the shortest possible time and thus reduce waiting times to virtually zero.

Our broad product range covers container leasing, worldwide purchase and repurchase, control and management of container fleets, as well as customized offers for transport. Container leasing is of course a top priority for iCON, but iCON is also present in storage and technical maintenance. iCON's core competence lies in the implementation of customer-specific requirements and trading in special containers.

At first glance, a container looks rather simple, a box with nooks and crannies. Everyone knows the transport container - but there's more to it than that! Containers are now used as mobile storage, as the shell of an industrial plant or in the private sector as a garage for bicycles and motorcycles, a tool shed. Children's playground, TinyHouse or even as a swimming pool. There are virtually no limits to creativity here, so a container is not just a dull box that travels the world's oceans on a ship. Our view of the future is very positive - the container will play a more important role than ever as a mobile solution for a variety of applications!

As a team, we are proud that our company iCONalso focuses on supporting young people. In recent years, the company has helped to build "bicycle containers" to ensure the use and storage of mobile vehicles.

iCON is also 'on board' in the area of sports promotion and shows its support for Hamburg youth soccer and sponsorship of the Hamburg Judo Association. But active sport is not neglected at iCON either: the Hamburg office has already taken part in the city park run four times, covering a distance of 25 km.

Last but not least, iCON is a responsible employer that promotes its employees and young talent. iCON provides training in wholesale and foreign trade management, ensuring that young people have a solid start to their careers and thus to their future.

For all its flexibility, iCON remains true to its values and convictions; solid business can only ever arise from sustainable partnerships that serve the well-being of all parties involved. iCON thinks and acts long-term, sustainably and fairly, thus forming a firm foundation for stable growth.

The "Hanseatic Business Virtues" form the guidelines for dealing with our customers, suppliers and partners.

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