Culture festival WEITE WELT 2023 in Travemünde


The cultural festival WEITE WELT (German for wide world) opened its doors from August 17 to 27, 2023 in Travemünde to enjoy culture directly by the sea with a real beach feeling.

A visit to the theatre or a literary reading in a beach outfit. Of course!

The WEITE WELT in Travemünde promises a carefree cultural excursion with a diverse festival program. Here you can go barefoot to the opera, visit the theatre in a beach outfit and enjoy literary readings lying in the sand. The line-up features classical, electronic and many more artists. Culinary delights are provided by stylish bars and food trucks. Enjoy your time in a relaxed atmosphere at beach terraces or lounges.

The view of the ships arriving and departing was a very special experience for everyone. Guests found their favorite spot on the beach terraces, in a deck chair, in the pallet lounges, or, brand new, on the roof terraces of the sea containers. One visitor said, "The maritime backdrop of the WEITE WELT included the beach, the sea and the sea containers."

iCON sea containers at the festival

The organizers of the WEITE WELT were happy to get iCON International Container Service GmbH "on board". The experienced colleagues from the sales team organized the punctual and smooth delivery and the installation of the rental containers. Some of them were converted into a stage or food trucks. The 20 feet Side Door & 20 feet High Cube Side Door containers were skillfully set into the scenery.

The rooftop terraces on top of the containers, accessible by stairs, provided an elevated beautiful view. The well-planned transport of the connecting staircase can also be attributed to the iCON team.

The past festival, inviting to dream and relax, is over, but for all those who missed it, there may be a chance to be part of it already next year. In 2024, the WEITE WELT Festival will take place from August 15-25 in Travemünde on the beach.

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ICON would like to thank the organizers and for the great and trustful cooperation.


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