Archive container for files


At the end of each year, the question always arises: "Where do we put last year's folders?". For some companies, this question may no longer be relevant, as they have already switched to a digital archive. However, in the transition phase to a paperless office, some folders still have a few years to go before their retention period expires. To free up space, a container that can safely house all the folders is a good solution for this period. A file container can be placed on the company's own premises, or in a depot (access is then possible on a daily basis by arrangement). The container can be purchased or rented.

Storage system

For a file container we use containers with a wooden floor, onto which a standard shelf for office files is firmly bolted. Depending on how convenient access to the folders needs to be, there is also a possibility to install double shelves, so there is room for even more folders. With this option, our 20' container can fit more than 1,500 files.

Lighting and labeling

There are several options for lighting, from a simple ceiling lamp to a comfortable LED model, in order to have some basic lighting. For very large file containers, there is the option of detail lighting so that each folder can be found. For a small container, daylight may be sufficient. The shelves can be individually labeled to provide better orientation in the container.

Safety first

Since the container will be moved around in the depot, the shelves should be equipped with a safety device to prevent the folders from tipping over. For the single-sided shelves on the wall, a simpler solution such as tension-belts is sufficient. For the double-sided middle shelf, a fixed anti-tilt device is installed. By storing the container in higher positions, the burglary resistance is increased. Our containers are also equipped with a lockbox as standard, to which a special lock can be attached.

Document destruction

After the expiration of the retention period and a successful audit, the old files can be disposed of directly from the container using a professional file destruction service.

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