Open wide - the 40’ High Cube Side Door Container


Over the years, the “Side Door”-Container has established itself in the area of transport- and storage equipment. This container type is available in the 20’, as well as the 40’ version. Until now, the roof of the 40’ version was stabilized with a middle stanchion for extra support. However, since the development of the new generation of the 40’ “Full Side Access”-Container, this feature is not necessary anymore. With the doorway opening to a whopping 11.55 m (37.89 ft) it is now possible to load and unload goods utilizing the full breadth of the container without any hindrance. This new transport- and storage equipment meets all requirements of an ISO sea container and also finds its use on the roads and in rail traffic. We are convinced this container will soon secure its place in the specialty sector. That’s why we have decided to include the “High Cube”-version of this container in our range of products, since it combines a wide range of good arguments in its design:

The 40′ Open Side Container

  • Door opens over the containers full breadth
  • Foldable door segments allow for targeted access to selected areas
  • Side doors open at a 180° angle
  • Sturdy, strong floor construction
  • Full stability without the middle stanchion
  • Load volume of 68 cbm (731.95 sqft)
  • Maximum load capacity of 23 tons
  • Handling with usual machinery

We see a variety of sensible and economical applications for this container especially:

In sea traffic

The outer measures are within the ISO-specifications; the container can be used in short sea shipping and oversea traffic alike. Especially the transport of bulky goods, which can be hard or impossible to load using the front opening, is made easier by the „Side Door“-Container. Transshipment and handling of the container can be done using container gantry cranes, cranes, van carriers, top- and side spreaders, and forklifts.

In inland traffic

In road and rail traffic (as well as combinations thereof), the container can be transported multimodally via container chassis’ and container wagons. Der transshipment from one carrier to another can easily be performed with the usual machinery. Especially in rail traffic, the “Side Door“-container can show what it can do. When loading at train ramps, the containers side opening creates a traditional loading situation similar to that of a normal wagon. Additionally, it allows for the goods to also be transported consistently in combined transport. A house/house-transport chain made up of a combination of train-sea-train/road transport is easily realized.

As a storage container

The “Side Door“-container is the ideal solution for the short- and mid-term storage of products and raw materials in different combinations. The access to the stored goods over the full breadth of the container makes it possible to store a mixed product portfolio in one place. When different products, parts or supplies are stored together, it is possible to access the items needed anytime. Thanks to this feature, it is not necessary to re-pack the containers content or to divide it up between several different containers.

As a specialty container – exhibition container

Areas of application are not limited to transport and storage. Rather, the container can offer excellent solutions for a number of needs. The use of a container for marketing purposes as a road show- or exhibition container is just one of many examples. With its fully openable side doors, the container creates a half-open room situation wherein the folded out doors offer a large surface for show- and presentation purposes. A container used in this way allows for a specific concept to be presented globally. It is not dependent on a certain type of carrier when travelling the world and can be brought directly to the customer.


  • 40ft Open Side Container
  • max. Gross Weight 30.480 kgs
  • Tara Weight 6.780 kgs
  • Net Payload 23.700 kg
  • Inside Cubic 68 cbm
  • Full Side Door Opening 11.556 mm x 2.311 mm – 180°
  • External Measures 12.192 x 2.438 x 2.896 mm
  • Internal Measures 12.032 x 2.287 x 2.471 mm

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