iCON has its first Trade Fair booth at Transport Logistic 2015 in Munich


The booth outside the exhibition center was able to attract a lot of attention thanks to the successful integration into a bright blue 20ft Double Side Door Container. A lot of visitors were interested in this special kind of container that distinguishes itself through its very flexible loading and unloading options. This is especially valuable to companies in the train business since forklifts can flexibly approach the container from two long-sides, i.e. the whole breadth. This allows for bulky or unwieldy goods to be loaded easily and quickly.

But the Side Door is not only becoming popular in transportation; it’s also highly sought after for special application, as Mirella Engelhardt (iCON sales representative) knows. “We just sold one of these containers to be used for the road-show of an established producer of tennis equipment.” The opened and foldable side doors can be used as an additional presentation and advertisement space. The possible uses for this container are wide-ranging.

Thanks to the steady stream of visitors, we experienced four enjoyable days and were able to not only establish new contacts but also cultivate and strengthen existing relationships. We had set up our booth outside the exhibition center and the weather was uncharacteristically unsteady for May in Munich, so our container offered shelter to visitors who got caught in the showers that occurred rather suddenly. Many an unplanned conversation was had over a cup of good hot Hanseatic coffee.

The impressions and tangible results of this trade fair experience encourage our plan to keep moving forward and present ourselves with our products and services. This will not have been a one-time experience.

All of us here at iCON want to take this chance to say “Thank you” to each and every visitor for the animated and intensive exchange. We are already looking forward to future encounters.

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