The Side Door Container - a real all-rounder!


We realized a very interesting project with an established producer of tennis equipment earlier this year. A road show was planned to take place at and around the “Australian Open”, a world renowned tennis tournament in Melbourne. The idea was to present the new product range in different locations around the tournament. Not only the sales booth, but also the transport and setup were supposed to attract attention. It was decided to realize a mobile store and presentation booth on the basis of a 20ft Side Door Container. Thanks to its distinctive red exterior and unusual equipment, this container was a real eye catcher – whether it was making its way through town on a truck or was set up as a store in a busy spot. There a no limits to your imaginations when it comes to the interior. From simplistic to high tech – almost any customer request can be realized. The road show is currently touring through France as part of the “French Open”.

A 20’ DV Side Door container

A 20’ DV Side Door container

Application as container home

This type of container is also used in the private domain. It is insulated at the walls, doors, roof, and floor to provide an attractive living area with an interior paneling of your choice. The movable side wall can be fitted with a glass front to provide a maximum of natural light. If the container home is not in use, the glass front can be closed and secured with a foldable door. The functionality of the doors is preserved.

Application as freight container

This type of container shows its advantages when used to transport bulky goods by truck or train. Thanks to the option of loading from the side, unwieldy machine parts, wire boxes, pallets, and many other items are easily loadable.

Application as bulker container

When loading individually packaged goods, the Side Door Container can be loaded or unloaded by at least two workers at the same time, which speeds up the whole process. Smaller companies that don’t have the luxury of their own loading ramp also profit from the convenient functionality of the container since it allows forklifts to handle pallet goods easily and fuss-free.

Application as storage and assembly container

The Side Door Container is a perfect storage container for storing large machinery, parts or other goods that would not fit through the doors of a standard container. Side Door Containers are also used as assembly containers – installations customized to your individual needs.

Application as container with permanent installations

The Side Door Container can be converted to a container with a grid installed at the movable side. This way aggregates, generators, power switching stations, heating systems, pumping plants, or storage tanks can be used effectively.

Other possible applications

The advantages of the Side Door Container are obvious. It is versatile, offers more flexibility and guarantees a faster and more cost-effective work process. Anything that won’t fit through the double door on the front-end of a “normal” container wfill find its place in a Side Door Box. It is low-priced, convenient and reliable. Once you have experienced the advantages of this container – in the industry, for transportation, as storage space – you surely won’t want to miss them in the future.

We here at iCON International Container Service have planned and built many specialty containers, tailored to the customer’s individual needs. Whether it’s for standard- or special use – we are happy to advise and help you with our extensive know-how.

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