Mini Containers

Space-Saving Solutions for Storage and Transport

Mini containers are an ideal solution for space-saving storage and transport of goods and materials. Unlike conventional containers, mini containers are smaller and can therefore be used on smaller areas. Typical dimensions are 8 feet (approx. 2.44 meters) and 10 feet (approx. 2.99 meters) in length. But what exactly are mini containers and what can they be used for?

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What are Mini Containers?

Mini containers are smaller versions of conventional containers, as the name suggests. They are made of corten steel and are usually waterproof and durable. Mini containers come in different sizes, with the 8-foot and 10-foot variants being the most commonly found. We also have the 6-foot container in our range. They come in different designs, depending on their intended use.

What can Mini Containers be used for?

Mini containers can be used for a variety of purposes. For example:

  • as storage container: In mini containers, materials such as tools, machinery, or furniture can be stored safely and space-savingly. Especially for craftsmen or smaller businesses, mini containers are a practical alternative to expensive storage halls or garages.
  • as transport container: Due to their handy size and robustness, mini containers are ideal for the transport of goods or materials. Whether on land or on water - mini containers can usually be transported on trucks, ships, or trains without any problems.

What are the Dimensions of Mini Containers?

Mini containers come in different sizes, with the 8-foot and 10-foot variants being the most commonly found. The 8-foot container has a length of 2.44 meters, a width of 2.20 meters, and a height of 2.26 meters. The 10-foot container has a length of 2.99 meters, a width of 2.44 meters, and a height of 2.59 meters. In addition, we also offer the 8 and 10-foot containers as high cube variants.

What are the Advantages of Mini Containers over a Fixed Storage?

Renting or buying a mini container offers many advantages compared to building a fixed storage. For one thing, renting a mini container is often cheaper than building or buying a fixed storage.

Another advantage is the flexibility that a mini container offers. If, for example, you only need additional storage space temporarily or are only active in one place for a short time, a mini container is an ideal solution. The container can be quickly set up and dismantled and is ready for use within a very short time. Moving the container is also possible without any problems.

A plus point is also the security that a mini container offers. The containers are usually very robust and resistant to weather and break-ins. In addition, the containers can be additionally protected by appropriate security measures such as padlocks. Our mini containers are equipped as standard with a lockbox, which makes them even safer.

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