Rent Reefer Container

We offer you the option to rent reefer containers to safely store food, medicine, or other temperature-sensitive goods. Renting reefer containers is a cost-effective alternative to building a permanent refrigerated warehouse and is ideal for short or long-term needs. You can customize the rental terms, including the rental period and return location.

Our reefer containers are available in different sizes and designs. We also offer leasing options for customers who need our refrigerated containers for long-term use. Our experienced team will gladly advise you on selecting the right reefer container to ensure that your goods are always stored at the correct temperature.

After the rental period, simply return the reefer container to us. It is also possible to purchase the container after the rental period (lease purchase). With our reefer containers, you can be confident that your products are stored safely and properly temperature controlled while saving on the cost of purchasing a reefer container. Contact us l today to learn more about our reefer container rental options. To rent a reefer container can be a real game changer.

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Term extension

If during the rental period, it becomes clear that you will need the reefer container for longer, the timeframe can be adapted or a rent-to-own option discussed.

Term reduction

When it is unclear or uncertain for how long exactly you will need to rent storage equipment, it can be helpful to be able to flexibly end or shorten the rental period. In these cases it is possible to set up terms allowing you to return the containers before the end of the rental period.


Whilst taking into account and enforcing a so-called “Early Out Charge”, we do offer our clients to return rented container on short notice, terminating the rental period early.

Assembly, Connection, and Use of Rented Reefer Containers

Reefer containers are the perfect solution for storing and transporting goods at constant temperatures. The assembly and connection of these containers are simple and uncomplicated. To set up a reefer container, you only need a level surface and enough space for the truck. The container is placed on the prepared surface and can then be connected. All you need is a power supply, which can vary depending on the size of the container. The connection should be made by a qualified electrician to ensure safe use of the container.

Once the reefer container is connected, it can be used. It is important to set the temperature inside the container to the desired temperature before placing the goods inside. It should be noted that the desired temperature may vary depending on the type of goods. It is also important to regularly maintain the reefer container to ensure that it functions properly and that the goods are always stored at the desired temperature.

Overall, reefer containers provide an efficient and reliable way to store and transport goods. With simple assembly and connection, as well as uncomplicated use, you can ensure that your goods are always stored at the correct temperature. If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality reefer container, contact us and we will be happy to advise you on renting reefer containers.

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How does a reefer container work?

A reefer container works similar to a refrigerator. Inside the container, there are cooling units that ensure the desired temperature is maintained. A thermostat controls the cooling and ensures that the temperature stays at the desired level.

What does it cost to rent a reefer container?

The cost of renting a reefer container varies depending on the size, equipment, and rental period. Longer rental periods often mean lower costs per day, while shorter rental periods usually come with higher daily rates. Please contact us and we will provide you with a quote.

What available sizes are there for reefer containers?

There are different sizes of reefer containers, ranging from small 10-foot containers to large 40-foot containers. The choice of size depends on the customer's requirements, such as the quantity and type of goods to be stored.

Can a reefer container be operated without a fixed power supply?

A reefer container requires a power supply to maintain a constant temperature inside the container. However, there are also generators running on diesel that can be attached to the reefer container and provide power to the unit.

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