20' tank container

The 20 ft tank container

The 20 ft tank container is a very unique container from our portfolio.

  • Only the tank container allows for liquids to be transported reliably. We distinguish between units for transporting chemicals or dangerous goods and those used for foodstuff.
  • Compared to the standard containers, the tank container offers more options regarding customizable features. To name only a few of them: insulation, in- and outlets, manholes, heating and surge plates. The list goes on and on, so it’s important for you, the customer, to know what you need to container for. Then we can tell you, which additions will be right for you.
  • For easier transport, the container is outfitted with forklift pockets.
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Colour versions

We have our 20 ft tank containers in the colours

  • RAL 5010 (gentian blue)

normally in stock.

By using standard colours, the paint can be easily re-ordered for touch-ups.

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Usually in stock

RAL 5010 (gentian blue)

Dimensions and weights

External dimensions DE US
Length 6.058 mm 19,875 ft
Width 2.438 mm 8 ft
Height 2.591 mm 8 ft 6 in
Nominal Capacity DE US
Volume 24.000 l 6.340 gal
Ratings DE US
Max. Gross weight 36.000 kg 79.365 lb
Tare Weight 3.550 kg 7.826 lb
Payload 28.480 kg 67.788 lb
Int. Cube Capacity 33,1 m³ 1.169 ft³

All technical details of the containers offered are taken from the information available to us from the manufacturers. The information is provided without any guarantee and to the exclusion of any liability. Liability for technical information and resulting consequential costs can only be derived on the basis of an explicit written confirmation of iCON International container Service GmbH.

The 20 ft tank container is made mostly from steel. The floor is steel. The 20 ft tank container has a tare weight of 3.650 kg and a maximum payload of 24.000 kg. This adds up to a total gross weight of 36.000 kg. The 20 ft tank container has the same outside measurements as the 20 ft ISO container: 6.058 x 2.438 x 2.591 (length x width x height in mm) and inside: 5.898 x 2.350 x 2.350 (length x width x height in mm). Different volumes are possible upon request.

Measurements and weight of the 20 ft tank container are subject to certain ISO norms. This, as well as the close cooperation with the manufacturers, ensures consistently high quality.

Special requests regarding color or features can often be implemented during the manufacturing process. We usually have the most common models readily available.

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Description of condition - 20 ft tank container

The container is usually sold in mint condition. However, this does include the shipment from Far East. This means small signs of usage and staining may occur. The condition of the 20 ft tank container is always subject to the latest IICL guidelines though. Please click here for more information.

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20' tank container

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